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Let’s make a Kite by Aynur Akcay


In a cozy neighbourhood where cherry trees lined the streets, there lived a cheerful family with a 7-year-old daughter named Ela. It was a sunny afternoon, and a gentle breeze danced through the branches, carrying the promise of adventure with it. Ela’s father remembered his childhood days when he and his grandfather used to make kites and fly them in such weather. He thought it would be an excellent activity to share with his daughter. Sitting at home all day bored, Ela eagerly welcomed her father’s suggestion and asked if they could make a kite together. Her father’s eyes lit up joyfully, and they began their kite-making adventure.

Gathering around the kitchen table, they laid out a colourful array of materials: bright pink, orange, and yellow papers, thin wooden sticks, glue, scissors, a ruler, and a spool of string. They began their kite-making adventure with laughter and anticipation, their cozy neighbourhood buzzing with the sounds of creativity and joy.

Making the Frame

They started by making the frame. Ela measured the sticks, and her father cut two thin wooden sticks, which Ela measured: one stick was about 70 cm long for the longer diagonal of the diamond-shaped kite, and another was about 50 cm long for the shorter diagonal. Then, they set about creating the frame.

Creating the frame was a joyful endeavour for Ela and her father. With eager hands, Ela’s father carefully positioned the longer stick vertically along the diamond’s longer diagonal while Ela excitedly placed the shorter stick horizontally across the shorter diagonal. Together, they formed a small ‘t’ shape with the sticks, ensuring they intersected perfectly at the diamond’s centre. As they applied glue to secure the sticks at the intersection point, Ela couldn’t help but giggle at the wiggly lines of glue her father made, turning the process into a playful game. With smiles, they wrapped string around the intersection point, Ela carefully guiding her father’s hands to ensure a tight and secure bond. Each loop of the string felt like wrapping their kite in a warm, reassuring hug, infusing the frame with strength and resilience. With a shared sense of accomplishment, they admired their handiwork, knowing that their kite’s frame was sturdy and filled with the love and laughter they shared during its creation.

Choosing Colours

Choosing colors became a delightful adventure for Ela and her father, reminiscent of memories from Ela’s father’s childhood. As Ela excitedly reached for the bright pink paper, her father’s eyes sparkled with nostalgia, recalling the days he made kites with his grandfather. With a warm smile, he encouraged Ela’s choice, remembering how his grandfather always emphasized the importance of vibrant colors in making a kite stand out against the boundless blue sky. Sharing this memory with Ela filled him with joy, bridging the gap between generations and creating new memories to cherish. As they selected the pink paper, Ela’s father couldn’t help but feel a sense of gratitude for the opportunity to pass down the tradition of kite-making and the joy it brought him as a child to his daughter. Together, they embraced the spirit of creativity and adventure, weaving cherished memories into the fabric of their kite-making journey.

Cutting the Papers

Ela’s father couldn’t help but marvel at the bright pink paper, a canvas waiting to be transformed into their kite, as they sat at the table. With a twinkle in his eye, he gently placed the frame on the paper, making sure every corner lined up perfectly. Ela watched in awe as her father explained why picking the right paper size mattered. “It’s like choosing the right ingredients for a recipe,” he said, his voice full of excitement. “The perfect paper size will ensure our kite is not just pretty, tough, and strong!” Ela nodded eagerly, feeling proud to be part of such a unique project with her dad. Together, they measured and marked the paper, their laughter filling the room as they worked side by side. At that moment, cutting paper became a joyful celebration of creativity and teamwork.

Measuring and Marking

With a pen and ruler in hand, Ela and her father embarked on the next step of their kite-making adventure. They carefully marked the edges of the frame on the paper, side by side, their movements synchronized in perfect harmony. Ela’s father, with pride in his eyes, emphasized the importance of precision in marking. “Each mark we make ensures our kite’s stability and strength,” he explained, his voice filled with confidence. They shared a sense of accomplishment with each measured line, knowing that their attention to detail would bring their kite to life.

Cutting with Care

Ela’s father leaned in close to explain the next step to Ela, his eyes sparkling with anticipation. “We need to give our kite a little extra strength,” he said, his voice filled with enthusiasm. With a grin, he showed Ela how to leave some extra paper around the edges of the frame. “Just like adding armour to a knight before a grand adventure,” he chuckled, igniting Ela’s imagination.

They cut the paper using the marked lines as their guide, Ela’s heart dancing with excitement. With each careful snip, they left about 5 cm of paper beyond the frame’s edges, ensuring their kite would be sturdy and resilient. Ela’s father beamed with pride as Ela followed his lead, her enthusiasm contagious.

“This extra paper will be like a shield for our kite,” Ela’s father explained, his voice brimming with pride. “It will make it soar even higher in the sky!” As they worked together, cutting paper became a joyful celebration of teamwork and creativity, strengthening the bond between father and daughter with every precise cut.

Joining the Papers

With eager hands and bright smiles, Ela and her father they have embarked on the next phase of their kite-making adventure. Taking each piece of paper, they worked together to form vibrant diamond shapes, the essence of their kite taking form before their eyes. Ela giggled with excitement as she carefully applied glue along the edges, her father’s hands guiding hers with gentle encouragement. They shared a sense of accomplishment with each press and seal, their laughter filling the room like a melody of joy. Together, they marvelled at the colorful kite they had created each a testament to their shared creativity and bond strength.

Attaching the String

With the kite’s frame and body complete, Ela and her father beamed with anticipation as they prepared to add the final touches to their masterpiece. Ela’s father reached for the spool of string, his hands steady with excitement as he measured and cut a 2-meter rope, envisioning the graceful tail that would soon adorn their creation.

Sewing the Control Point

Ela’s father’s eyes twinkled with determination as he located the midpoint where the two sticks intersected. With nimble fingers and a steady hand, he expertly threaded the needle, each stitch symbolizing their shared adventure and the bond between father and daughter. As he sewed the string in place, he explained to Ela the significance of this connection point; his voice filled with pride at sharing this knowledge with his daughter. With each careful stitch, they felt excitement, knowing that this control point would guide their kite through the boundless sky.

After finishing the sewing process at the point where the two sticks meet, Ela and her father carefully sewed the string around the top of the kite’s frame, securing it in place with each precise stitch. With each loop of the string, they could feel the anticipation building, knowing their kite was one step closer to taking flight. Their laughter filled the air as they worked together, mingling with their shared excitement.

With laughter and determination, they wrapped the spool string around the middle of the loop, their movements synchronized in perfect harmony. With each knot tied and stitch made, their kite seemed alive, ready to dance in the wind. Their hearts soared with pride as they worked side by side, knowing their creation reflected their love and the joy of creating something beautiful together.

Decorating the Tail

Excited to infuse their kite with personality and charm, Ela and her father decorated the tail. Their eyes lit up with anticipation as they gathered an array of bright pink, orange, and yellow papers, each color a testament to their shared creativity. With a giggle of excitement, Ela carefully selected the order of colors for the tail: pink, orange, and yellow, her choices reflecting her vibrant spirit and zest for adventure.

With hearts full of enthusiasm, they set to work, cutting the papers into long strips, each a canvas for their imagination. With precise measurements, they ensured the colorful stripes were 20 cm in length and 10 cm in width, the perfect dimensions to catch the wind and add a playful touch to their kite.

The room buzzed with laughter and creativity as they measured and cut the strips, their hands dancing with joy at the prospect of bringing their kite to life. With each strip, they breathed life into the rope, infusing it with the colors of the rainbow. As they worked side by side, their laughter echoed off the walls, filling the room with infectious energy. With steady hands and playful hearts, they carefully connected the strips onto the 2-meter rope, each one a stroke of brilliance in their masterpiece. As they stepped back to admire their handiwork, their faces aglow with pride, they knew that their kite’s tail would be a dazzling display of color and whimsy, reflecting the joy and love that went into its creation.

Final Adjustments

With eager anticipation, Ela and her father attached the vibrant tail to the bottom of their kite, their hands working in perfect harmony. Their hearts swelled excitedly as they made final adjustments, knowing their kite was nearly ready to take flight. With a twinkle in his eye, Ela’s father ensured that every knot was secure, every strip of paper fluttering in the breeze just right. With each adjustment, they could feel the anticipation building, their smiles growing more expansive with every passing moment.

Turning to Ela, her father explained how the tail would stabilize the kite and add to its beauty as it danced through the sky. Ela’s eyes sparkled with wonder and excitement; her heart filled with anticipation. With a shared sense of pride and accomplishment, they stood back to admire their creation, knowing that their kite was more than just a flying object – a symbol of their love, creativity, and the joy of sharing moments.

Flying the Kite

With the kite now complete and adorned with a vibrant tail that danced in the wind, Ela and her father couldn’t contain their excitement as they headed outside again. Hand in hand, they felt the warmth of the sun on their faces and the gentle tug of the wind as they prepared to release their creation into the vast blue sky.

Ela’s heart swelled with joy as she held the string, her eyes following the colorful kite as it soared higher and higher, painting arcs of pleasure against the canvas of the sky. With every gust of wind, they felt a surge of exhilaration, their laughter ringing out like music in the air.

As they watched their homemade kite dance and twirl, Ela’s father couldn’t help but feel a swell of pride in his chest, cherishing this particular moment they shared. With each loop and swirl, they reveled in the simple pleasure of flying their kite, their hearts buoyed by the freedom and wonder of the open sky. And so, they spent a blissful day filled with laughter, joy, and the boundless delight of flying a homemade kite. With each moment, they admired the beauty of their kite and the magic of their shared adventure, knowing that this memory would be etched in their hearts forever as a testament to the power of love, creativity, and the joy of simple pleasures.


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